Important! Read this before buying teak garden furniture
29 / Jul, 2016
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Important! Read this before buying teak garden furniture

We have seen a lot of misinformation online about teak garden furniture buying advice, hopefully if you can spare 60 seconds to look and read this post it will finally put the record straight.

Mrs G. from east Sussex purchased a bench from us 23 May 2008 and we recently had the pleasure of delivering an additional bench for her garden on the 20 June 2013 .While one of our delivery drivers was making the delivery he took photos of the bench that we delivered to her garden more than 5 years ago. The bench has never been treated with chemicals, teak oil or paint and has been left outside through wind,sun, rain and snow. The teak bench is still as solid as the day it was delivered and even though the sun was not shining when the photo was taken you can still see that it has weathered to a beautiful silver grey colour. Mrs G. is not alone, we have delivered thousands of teak benches and teak table sets to happy customers all  over the UK and our valued customers often purchase additional benches for their garden.

The teak bench that Mrs G. purchased was only £149.94 (and is still at the same price after 5 years ) you do not need to spend £1000's to buy a good quality garden bench you just need to buy it from a reputable company such as Teak4less..

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