Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens

A Lutyens teak bench is a classic, unique design that did not get its name by accident. The bench was designed by and named for Sir Edwin Lutyens, a prominent English architect during the early 20th century.Born in England in 1869, Lutyens has been classified as one of the greatest British architects. He is most known for his design and building of New Dehli. He was responsible for several well known monuments in New Dehli, including India Gate. Besides his work in Dehli, Lutyens is known for many works around both England and Ireland. Those works include the Hampton Court Bridge, Castle Drogo and various war memorials. His works in Ireland include the All-Ireland war memorial, and Islandbridge in Dublin.
Despite his long list of works, it was not so much these accomplishments themselves that set Lutyens apart from other architects of his time but rather his eccentric style. Lutyens began his career following the English Arts and Crafts movement. After time he began to implement a more classical, traditional style into his works. Then his work took a dramatic change when he met and began working with Gertrude Jekyll. Together Lutyens and Jekyll worked to create a garden that was both formal and informal and came to set the tone for what was to become the modern English Garden. The partnership with Jekyll led to Lutyens' design of many country houses and gardens.
Lutyens never fit into any one particular architectural movement. The Arts and Crafts influence, traditional elements and his own eclecticism gave Lutyens a style that was all his own. What seems conventional at first glance appears whimsical at second glance. He was no different in his furniture design as he was with his building design.
That Lutyens also designed furniture is not well known. He produced numerous furniture design but in small quantities. Many pieces have been lost. Various designs have been reissued and that includes the teak Lutyens bench. This bench adds a unique, romantic look to any garden or patio with its graceful curves. The Lutyens teak bench is true to Lutyens style of blending traditional with whimsical.