Teak garden Furniture buyers guide that cuts through the waffle and nonsense

Due to many customer requests we are starting to write a detailed buyers guide for teak garden furniture, we will reveal the real facts and cut through the waffle and mis information that is posted through out the web. We will be adding one section at a time starting with moisture content, if you have any specific questions or want real answers to your questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Moisture Content,

Some retailers especially the smaller online eCommerce sites seem to make a huge song and dance about the MC levels of there furniture, although we agree that its important for the furniture to be kiln dried its extremely rare for furniture to be made from wood that has not been thoroughly dried before being manufactured in to furniture.

To check the moisture content level (known as MC%) of wood you can buy a moisture content meter from a local electronics store but these are prone to be inaccurate and will often under read the actual MC% of the wood. There is only one reliable method of measuring the moisture content of the wood and that is with a calibrated moisture content meter, unfortunately these are fairly expensive and out of the reach of the general public. The ones that are used by our own teak4less quality control staff cost over £300 each and are have to be regularly recalibrated to ensure they are accurate, they also have to be used with a temperature probe because the ambient temperature will always affect the MC% reading. All of our own furniture is dried to a moisture content of around 12%, although we have seen websites claiming to have furniture that is dried to 8% this is highly unlikely to be true, what is more likely is that they are using inaccurate measuring equipment. We have regularly tested teak that is over tens years old but have yet to find anything below 11%!

More updates to follow soon!