What courier do you use?
We normally deliver all benches, chairs and table sets with our own Teak4less vans and drivers so that it arrives in perfect condition, if you order a small item such as a 50cm folding side table or a brass plaque we may send these safely packaged with a courier. If you live in a remote area we may deliver your item with a specialised two man delivery service, if you have any questions about our teak garden furniture or our delivery process please contact us!
Do you use plantation teak?
Yes, we only use teak that is grown in the Indonesian Plantations that are owned and run by the Indonesian Forestry commission Perum Perhutani. The teak plantations are harvested as a crop and the space in between the very long straight lines of trees is normally used by local farmers to grow vegetables. Once the trees are big enough they are cut and the ground is cleared and new teak saplings are replanted, this process happens over and over again to create sustainability.
Why are you so much cheaper than other furniture retailers?
We control the manufacture and import of all of our furniture and because we do not have an expensive showroom to run it keeps our running costs and overheads to a minimum. 
Do your items come flat packed?
We will always deliver items fully assembled unless by you ask us not to by prior arrangement for example you are moving abroad and want to take the items with you. All of our products benches and table are made with mortise and tenon joints (no bolts) and we will deliver your item to your address ready to sit on and use.
Should I treat the furniture with teak oil?
We do not recommend using teak oil on any teak furniture as it can be extremely difficult to apply correctly and requires almost military precision to get a good looking finish. Even If you do manage to get a good finish because it’s a natural organic product with in 4 to 6 weeks it will start to evaporate and give the furniture a “patchy” appearance, in a worst case scenario it will turn your furniture black and mouldy. The mould can be cleaned off but only with a large amount of "elbow grease" chemical cleaners and sandpaper. Teak4less always recommend that you leave your furniture to weather naturally it will first turn to a light brown colour then eventually a silver grey, its cheaper, better for the environment and so much easier!
How quick can you deliver?
Normal delivery time is 10 to 14 working days
Do i have to pay a delivery charge for every item I buy?
No, you only need to pay one delivery charge per order.
How do I maintain my Teak Furniture?
If left untreated your teak furniture will gradually turn a light silver grey colour As the teak weathers it will become less smooth and small cracks may appear, especially on the ends of larger components such as legs and arms. In hot dry heat (25 Celsius +) some cracks may appear slightly larger these are perfectly normal characteristics and will not affect the strength or lifespan of your furniture. You can use a light grade sand paper to remove any roughness in the early stages of weathering.